January 04, 2009

In which I am still her royal highness, even though she did a remarkable job spitting milk out her nose.

Arina tried her puppy dog eyes on me today. I merely laughed.

"Oh sweetie, those just don't work on me. I'm queen of the puppy dog eyes."

Then I showed her MY puppy dog eyes. She couldn't take the sad and had to turn away. I was even trying so hard not to laugh when I was doing it. I am just that good at the big sad brown eyes. I told her she was merely the crown princess and could someday aspire to be queen.

After dinner everyone got a huge chocolate chip cookie for dessert. Arina had already gotten her mug of milk. Logan had just asked me for a mug. (These are all on a high shelf and the step stool wasn't handy.) Instead of handing him a normal sized mug, I handed my huge latte mug, which is the size of his head. The idea of Logan drinking out of this mug for some weird reason tickled Arina so much she spit milk and cookies out of her nose. Then she couldn't stop laughing because spitting milk out of her nose was funny too. Poor thing, once she gets to pickles, she can have my crown.

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