January 06, 2009

Yes ladies and gentlemen, now you too can be jealous

Only because I've done two incredibly boring things. For the first one, I ripped our entire CD collection onto our computer. My music collection, now entirely digital. The CDs are now in a box in storage. Okay, except for like the five on my desk. You never would expect children to be excited about unlimited access to 15 and 1/2 hours of Aerosmith.

The second boring thing, all and I do mean all, of my film photographs are in albums. All of them. And in some sense of order too. This means no more of seeing arina before decker in the albums. I had two lovely assistants to help me take all of the photos out of albums to reorganize them. I would have had three except Marc told Decker, "Hey do you want to do something boring with your mom? I'd hurry up or you are going to miss out." Decker took a bath instead. Too bad though, because I paid the other two for their time of boredom. It was worth it to not have to pull all those out by myself. Oh and I found a picture of Arina with sad puppy dog baby eyes. Apparently she has lost her touch.


Darren said...

I have to say I am slightly jealous only because there are a few things I keep meaning to do but never seem to get done.

I started ripping the family's CD's a while ago, but I left off somewhere around the letter D.


LE said...

Boy, was that a chore, putting all our music on the computer. But so worth it. Our computer speakers are so good, I only ever listen from the computer now.

Cassie said...

mnnn aerosmith. *sigh*