December 28, 2008


Blogger just ate my post, which it honestly has never done before. I guess I'm not supposed to be whining about how unchristmas-y I felt.

You know how I do feel though? Grateful that we spend time with so many of our family members this year. Grateful that I saw all of my sisters. Grateful that we are all healthy and blessed. Grateful that our lives are full of plenty. Grateful that I have many wonderful and beautiful friends that bloom even when struggling through their own challenges. Grateful for new friends. Grateful for parents that are still together. Grateful that my old friends have new friends to share their lives with because we don't all live down the street anymore. Grateful that I have the opportunity everyday to touch someones life.

So what that the extra trappings weren't right or the paper wasn't as sparkly as it usually is. What matters are the lives you touch, the hands you hold, the love you share and your relationship with God.

Here's to the end of a year of uniqueness and the start of a new opportunity to grow and become a better person.

Welcome to the second act of my life, it promises to be, if nothing else, interesting.

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