March 03, 2008

So, here's why my hair gave her a panic attack

Here's the way my hair looks most days. A nice sleek asymmetrical cut. This explains some of Sarah's comments on my previous post.

Friday was her last day to sub before she starts her new job. She was working in Arina's class. Imagine my surprise when Arina brings me this:

And here's the note so you can all read it.

As you can see, the stuff works, and I swear, no more unpracticed hair variations.


Sarah said...

Thank you now I feel much better!!!

Sarah said...

If you can't read my big loopy handwriting here is what it says:

Here are a couple of things to heop your hair. I cannot bear to see you hair in such a way. Hopefully if you opt for a styling variation think again and use these.

Lesley said...

Aw, Sarah, we would know and read your handwriting anywhere! I am laughing so hard at this. I love the hair drama! I feel so out of touch -- Jennifer, you are BLOND!!! I have never seen you blond, so when I saw earlier post, I was so focused on that, I didn't understand Sarah's horror at first. But, yeah. Wow. You put the beehive to shame. I'm actually rather impressed by that though....:)