February 27, 2008

Rehab, at least for the hair

Somethings are good ideas. Trying a new way to fix your normally cute hairstyle 15 minutes before work. Not so good.

Hey, if I use hot rollers, I won't need to worry about washing my hair this morning. Curls better with dirty hair right?

Great idea! My hair takes curl well anyway, so lets give it a boost it doesn't really need.

Hey, I've used hot rollers before. It'll be fine.

My hair came out huge. Flo beehive huge. B-52's huge. Amy Winehouse huge.

And being 10 minutes before I had to be at work, beehive it was.

So here are the pics, not that it looks horrible, it was worse before I formed it into this. And why is that when your hair looks weird, crappy, etc people ALWAYS give compliments.

But ladies, new hairstyles 15 minutes before work. Bad idea.

And mind you, these picture were taken after work and being out in the wind.


Sarah said...

Seriously are you trying to kill me.

Jen said...

LOL! HA! I wish I could see your mortified face.

I do so "Solomonly" swear to never use hot rollers on the spur of the moment again.

Sarah said...

I thought I might have a panic attack when I saw what you had done.

Sarah said...

Can you please do another loooooooonnnnnnnnggggg post? I still feel anxiety when I see your hair mug shot pop up and I have to cover the screen with my hand.

Suzanne said...

Quit it! You're killing me! Both the hair and Sarah!