February 17, 2008


We got Rockband and guitar hero III for christmas and have spent probably way too many hours playing. I have been lamenting the lack of Aerosmith songs on either game. Guitar hero just had Same Old Song and Dance, Rockband only Train Kept a Rollin. Why oh, why aren't there more Aerosmith songs? Come to find out, that the company that makes Guitar Hero is releasing an ALL AEROSMITH GUITAR HERO GAME! OMG! I couldn't be more excited. Now the lack of songs makes sense, at least 30 will be in the new game. But I'll have to wait until june. poor me.


LE said...

Oh man, do I love Rock Band! I'd love to have the Aerosmith one--er, I'd love it if my sister and her husband bought it so I could play it.

Sarah said...

One more game I can just suck at!!

Catherine said...

Do you play or sing on rockband? A couple of guys invited me up for it, and I sang. I was actually impressed I could get most of the songs, above 90% on hard.