March 03, 2008

Robot food

I swear, by the time I'm like fifty, I will totally have a serious problem with this. Maybe it's because we've been watching too much "How it's made" on Discovery. I'm honestly not sure. If it's not, then I'm just getting weird.
Many times they'll show how processed, pre-packaged food is made. Since it's pre-made, most of the time their is some robot touching the food and moving it around. For some strange reason, this really icks me out. I just don't want robots touching my food. It seriously makes me nauseous. Isn't that weird? I mean really weird.

Then watching different factories build things, with robots doing the work. Ewww. I don't want robots touching my things. Even odder, there really is a Bender robot. They use it at one of the mower factories to bend the mower handles. Then there's this. I seriously have a problem.

It will be one of those things I just won't think about, like where my chicken really comes from. Of course instead of that it will be, which robot touched my stuff. Ick. Like this, just gross.


Suzanne said...

In Bio this semester, I learned that a predator really is something that eats other living things. So cows and vegans really are predators, they just don't feel as bad because their prey doesn't necessarily have "eyes", unless you count potatoes...and yes, they can kill the plant by eating it, stepping on it, etc. Plants are the only thing that aren't predators, but they can use nutrients from other plants that have been digested by other organisms. It really is a cruel world, even if you are a plant, and you just have to deal.

Chicken comes from chickens. Why is that so horrible, as long as you are thankful where it comes from and kill it in a quick & humane way?

Hannah said...

If it wasn't a robot, it would be a real human being, probably an immigrant, perhaps documented, perhaps not, in the factory bending the mower handles or packing food and getting repetitive stress injuries. Although they would probably be happy to have any kind of job.

But yeah, thinking about most of our food and consumer goods come from makes me depressed.

Sorry, this is one of my Issues. I'm glad other people are disturbed by it. I'm not so concerned about the killing of animals, it's mostly just, oh, the ENTIRE FOOD AND CONSUMER GOODS SYSTEM that I have a problem with. Just that one little thing. ;)