October 21, 2006

More fun stuff today

We went on the winter clothes Odyssey. They just needed a few school everyday things to fill in the nice dress clothes. And because my children are hard on clothes and I'm thrifty we went to the second hand stores again. Crazy sales. I found tons of clothes for the kids, even nice clothes for the boys.

The hardest part was looking for coats. Don't get me wrong, I can buy new coats, but why pay a ton of money for coats when you can find them second hand? I found really nice coats for Logan and Arina. I also found Kenneth cole for Logan, Limited Too, Gap and Old Navy for Arina, Gap for Decker, Tommy Hilfiger for Marc and J.Jill for me.

The best part though, Kate Spade purse for 95 cents. Really.

Beats the mall and living in a small town means my children don't have to be trendy, they just have to look good.

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Hannah said...

I am still pleased about the down coat that I got for 4 dollars last week. As well as some other really nice pants and shirts.

Thrift store shopping for clothes and other random bits allows me to fit more costly items into my budget...I just bought a computer! The first one in my life! If I had bought all new clothes in the last few months, there's no way I could have gotten a MacBook.

And there's always a chance of a find like your Kate Spade bag.