October 19, 2006

Jealousy and all the other crap this week.

Marc is in Iowa this week. Iowa with it's new clubs and cute computer engineer gamer chicks. And MAN, did I get jealous. I was imagining him doing things he'd never even do! He finally called Tuesday night (yes I talked to him Monday) and I was so pissed!

"How was your day?"
"What's wrong, you sound weird."
"Really, because you sound like something's wrong."
"Nope. Just a long day."

Finally told him and he thought it was SO hilarious. Teased and said he almost didn't call at all. Dork.

Then the next day the kids were super naughty. SUPER NAUGHTY. I told him that I was running away friday night, to heck with it all.

And I'm tired of the PTA crap. Tired. I do not suffer fools gladly. At all. Drives me nuts. But that's another story for another time. It's one of those things where I got what I wanted, and now I really wish I didn't have it. I honestly don't think I'll do another year. "We did it this way last year, blah, blah, blah." Write the shit down! When you keep saying, "Oh, I forgot to tell you we found out this works better this way" it helps NO ONE! RRRRRR!

Today was better. Kids were decent, house is clean, laundry is washing, I have be reaffirmation that I should be concentraing on my work outside school (Photography and programming) instead of the other PTA crap. So I'll ride out the year, do my best to make it better and get to a point where I can focus on my family and what is best for us.

On another good note, we were out hunting the second hand stores for halloween costumes. Logan wants to be Shaggy, Arina is red riding hood and Decker had no idea earlier today.

Amazingly enough, we found the green shirt for shaggy, it just needs to be shortened and some brownish pants. I'll make him a little goatee later this week. We got Arina's fabric for her hood, red velveteen and white trimmed red ribbon. Decker found this really odd black pompador wig that he had to have. It's like an Elvis helmet. So he is going to be Elvis in a black leather jacket, jeans and T Shirt. I may change him so he's Danny Zuko from Grease instead. IJ'm not sure though. He's really excited.

While we were shopping I found this beautiful shirt for Marc. I picked it up and knew it was originally a really expensive shirt. And of course, it was almost brand new. The tag said Joseph Abboud and when I looked him up on google I knew I had one of those great second hand scores that I just love! Like the $7.00 Cole Haan black suede mules. The shirt was originally about $98.00, I got it for $2! And it looks like it has NEVER been worn! That is so fantastic. Gotta love it.


Lesley said...

Oh no! I was under the impression that 'cute computer engineer gamer chicks' didn't exist!

So sorry you're frustrated... I know kinda how you feel with having to give attention to an organization when you really need to put your energy elsewhere. But you'll get through it and do so brilliantly, girl!

Oh, and bargains ROCK! Have I told you about my $33 old fridge.... as in original antique??? Well, prolly more luck than sought out bargain....

Sarah said...

I want a highboy table can you find one of those for $2 too? That whole thing with the pta is exactly why I declined to become part of the site counsel at Robynn's school when they sent me not one but 2 letters to join the team. I want to be involved but not like that.

Cas said...

Ugg. So not fair when the guys get to do something and we don't. Its not right. LOL

But the deals ... awsome. I love it when you can find those.

And YES you need to focus ((no pun intended)) on your photography...you ROCK at it.

LE said...

I HAVE to brag about all the cheap awesome things I get from thrift. I'm probably just as annoying as people who brag about how MUCH they paid for something: "Guess how little I paid for this!!! THIRTY CENTS!"

Speaking of jealousy, check out my latest post.