October 26, 2006

Boys are a breed apart

I stayed home from work today. I was looking forward to it too. All day wearing my kicky blonde wig for Crazy hair day at school.

But alas, the cry rang out from one small blonde child, (who had earlier pitched a fit when I said he COULD NOT wear my kicky wig) "My head itches."

Similar to previous misadventures involving the phrase "My butt itches". We know where that one went, and we all know where this one is going.

"Really. Let me look." In my head I'm thinking oh no. Gross. Please let it be from not rinsing out his shampoo.

"Gross, Gross, Gross, Gross, Gross!" That many grosses, not an exaggeration. I pushed his head off my lap and checked the other male child. EWWW.

But Arina escaped since they don't share a room like the boys do.

Logan blabs all the way through the store about having lice in his lovely loud voice.

They stay home and we get the lovely shampoo, comb and spray. I proceed to comb out the boys hair and show them what the icky bugs look like.

Logan's comment, "My bugs are bigger than yours Decker."

Boys are gross.


Sarah said...

Keep your boys to yourself. I don't want anything they have to share. I think the only time you have called me lately with your i have to tell you something voice is warn me of impending doom. I am willing to bet it was within the last 3 days. Those suckers multiply like crazy. Retreat in 2 weeks.

LE said...

You know, I actually always enjoyed getting head lice. Well, the part where mom would comb through my hair to get them out. I always was a sucker for a head massage.

Cas said...

why is it always a competition, no matter what they are comparing. LMAO

Ok, must say ewww. We had a lice scare with a daycare kid once. last time I have EVER taken a spur of the moment kid I don't know.

And now I must go scratch my head.