November 07, 2006


Why is glass so durn exciting? BECAUSE I TOOK IT WITH MY NEW CAMERA!

10 megapixels, 4 gigs of memory and 135mm lens of bliss baby. 10 mgp of bliss. Did you know in the original photo, you can see EVERY grain of sand. I could cry.


Suzanne said...

Yep, it's always hard when you ge the prize first. You never really feel like you earned it.

Lesley said...

10 megapixels? awesome. I am hoping to get one with just half that! and I hate to take away from the photo goodness, but..... HI, SUZANNE!!!

Cas said...


I'm so excited for you, and expect to see pictures every day from now on. LOL And you know, you are the 2nd person I know that has bought Nikon in the last 2 weeks. hmmm, the canon girl is feeling out of place. LMAO

But seroiusly, I can't wait to see what you can do with it, its an awesome camera but your an even better photographer.