September 06, 2006

Licking paperclips

Like liking the paperclip is the grossest thing ever. Come on, I'm Decker's mom. He's done grosser stuff on a good day.

I love how kid's minds work. I was trying to get the busted paperclip from one of my young charges during class. The lovely child refused and kept it in his mouth as if to frighten me with his paperclip fangs. I insisted and held out my hand for the paper clip. After a 30 second struggle of wills, he looked me in the eye and licked both pieces before placing them in my palm. Gross. Not as if this is the most disgusting thing I've dealt with. I wash. I win.


Lesley said...

Yeah, gross, but Purell goes a long way, doesn't it? You know, I don't seem to remember our teachers having did they do it? I'm impressed... and I can totally see the look on your face as you waited for fangy child!!!

Sarah said...

I was reading a book to one of my preschoolers in Nebraska and she threw up. I caught part of it with the book and the other with my hands. No way was I getting puke on my clothes. Poor thing she cried because she was sorry. Hands wash. Plus I didn't want to have to drive the 20 minutes, that is would take me to get home, to change my clothes. Everyone was so grossed out. Puke doesn't bother me. Snot however is a whole other story.

Cas said...

puke and snot BOTH gross me out, as a daycare provider I get hit with both. LOL Plus crap last week, now THAT Was fun. NOT.

That is just disgusting though. YOur a better woman than I.