August 31, 2006

B.A. Bitch

I have a BA in bitch today. BA also stands for my bad attitude. And I have no one to blame but myself. Work is fine, but a little dull. But what can I expect, 5th grade was fun the first time around. It loses it's gloss at 32.

I've let housework go, lost my wedding ring again, blown off someone's idea that was a really goo one because I didn't want to deal with the logistics of it, and told someone else if they didn't like it they could quit. I have apology calls to make and a house to clean. I just needed a vent.

Bad attitude, you can just go and bring my happy optimistic one back.


Jen said...

I also forgot to add that I threw a hissy because my big boss failed to add my transcript to my file and miscalulated my raise. I alreay apologized to her.

Sarah said...

Only a BA in bitch. I have a phd. The last 2 days have kind of sucked. I was so irritated and annoyed that it was a scream into the pillow day.

Cas said...

Isn't a degree in bitchyness a prerequisite for being a woman???

Amy said...

Jen, I didn't realize you had a blog too! I'm kinda dumb. Sorry you found out I'm pregnant again by reading my blog-we want to see you soon and give you a chance to meet our first baby! Conner said I should talk to you about having two babies close together. Anyway, I'll be checking in on you now that I know about this!