September 17, 2006

Sunflower princess

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Arina was a Sunflower Princess for the local Miss Cheney Lake Pageant. It's the prelim before Miss Kansas. Now before you think I've totally lost my mind and become another pageant mom, calm down.
The Sunflower Princess is open to any girl from kindergarten to fifth grade. I paid 10 bucks for her to get her crown, walk and spin onstage during the pageant, and get to meet Miss Kansas, Miss Cheney Lake, and MIss Teen Kansas. It was a fundraiser for Miss Cheney Lake. Worked too. Most of the audience was parents and grandparents there to watch their daughters twirl across stage. They probably make about a grand in ticket sales from people watching their daughters.
The down side was that the title of Sunflower Princess came with a free diva attitude. I would have rather had an ipod.


Sarah said...

Welcome to my world. Just wait.

Cas said...

TOO much fun. I woudl've paid 10 bucks. :D