July 09, 2006

Embroidery and the cat haunting

I LOVE embroidery and I'm pretty decent. I like the fact that it's more free form than cross stich and in some ways more creative.

I found a piece I had started last summer, but had put away once school started last year. I had finished all of the embroidery part, but had left the crewl work because I hate crewl. I finished it last night and now it is framed and hanging on the wall downstairs.

It's a cat haunting because Mom has had this kit longer than I can remember. Really, I can't remember her not having it. I swear it's from 1979. She gave it to me about two years ago and it's finished! Hooray, the crewl cat is alive!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

That cat has crazy eyes. No wonder she never wanted to finish it. It looks like the kind of cat that would jump up and grab you on either side of your face and not let go.