July 14, 2006


Summer is almost over. I can hardly believe it. It's good though.

My house is organized, I've pulled out the embroidery, planted flowers, trimmed bushes, gotten the deck stained, had the air cleaner fix ($70 for something I could have done myself. The air intake was dirty and making the circuit board overheat), Marc fixed the sprinklers (saving us about $200!), the house is organized and all of my files are filed. No the kids haven't really learned anything besides how to annoy one another. And no, I'm not little like I dreamed of earlier this May. But that will come in time.

I also haven't programmed exactly like I was planning either. Not that I've skipped programming, I've re-done friends blogs, but nothing intensive. Not like what's coming up.

We're writing a role-playing game. More specifically a bible based rpg. Marc's world and ideas, I'm layout and edit girl. I'll be doing some of the more business-y work as it gets bigger. It's a cool premise and a fantastic ministry calling. We were playing vampire and D&D, but Marc felt guilty about the premise behind the games. This gives us the opportunity to play something that isn't cheesy like the other Christian games currently made. It has that dark gritty feel like ultraviolet, underworld, I robot, corporation controlled future mode.

It's exciting, but a long process. The RPG is about six months from final production and the game is about 3 years from final finished product. It's daunting. That's okay because it's a goal to work towards.

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Cas said...

OMG wow. You know I should so have you make my website for me. I;'ve been looking at different templates lately, but dont' have the 300 bucks they want for the good ones. LOL

That is amazing that you two can do that. Marc always did have a way with computers........I took some classes at the same time as him (fond memories of computers III), but I was in it for the games. (pssst underworld is one of my alltime fave movies too). I'll have to be first in line for this when you guys release it. :)