July 07, 2006

Fair days

We went to the fair last night and instantly I felt seventeen again. Popcorn, cigarettes, the unmistakable smell of funnel cakes saturating the air. I wouldn't have felt that way so much, but the carneys are all my age now so the music was baby got back, push it, old guns and roses. So for the briefest instant I was seventeen walking the Marion county fair, designer jeans, smidgen of attitude meeting.
Then the Storm ride made me nauseous. So I did it again, along with the damn spaceship. Shouldn't have done it the last time. I had an incredibly hard time not puking on the floor. The only thing that held it together was the fact that I had already seen about 50 people I knew not counting my students. That would be just great, a 32 year old woman puking on the rides. The seventeen feeling left quickly after that.
The kids are finally old enough to ride the big rides and we had a blast, except for the sick feeling I got. Decker and I rode the Kamikaze, which yes ladies and gents, does go ALL the way around. This isn't the kamikaze we rode, but similar. He was fine till we got all the way upside down and saw the ground. Then the little "help me, help me's" started. Which made me laugh. We only went once. We did have a good time though. Marc saw people he knew from high school, one chick kept rubbing on him, good thing I didn't see her, I get more jealous the longer we've been married.
Right now the youngers are still sleeping off their carnival drunkeness, but will soon be awake to another unexciting day of summer.


Sarah said...

Steve has decided that we are going to the demo derby tomorrow night. I hope Ian doesn't freak out because he has decided the cars are too loud. I'm doing my butt move for you to baby got back are you watching?

Cas said...

OMG who kept rubbing on him??? LOL Was this the sedgwick county fair???

And good for you reliving the good ole days......at our little fall fest I got on the Bullet with Alex, I had to go lay down afterwards. man I feel old now. LOL