March 14, 2006

Developing film in coffee and Ready Made obsession

Really. Coffee and mule team borax. That just blows my mind. Who would have thought that caffeine works as a developer?

Now I just have to try it. I got the instant coffee (because while I have lovely regular coffee, I have no instant) and the washing soda. Now I just have to pick up the film developer tank and reel and I'm set.

I have these three rolls of film and I have no idea what they have on them. I know one of them has bridal pictures of Suzanne if that tells you how long they have been sitting around. The others are a mystery.

It will be bonus film developing time. Mystery pictures AND working with alternative processes. I can't wait for tomorrow evening! I'll post after I'm finished.

This goes under things Ellie would like!

Have I ever mentioned I just don't like to scrapbook? Well, for those of you who are in my small club, try this.

As if you can't tell I'm in love with Ready Made magazine. Their blog is especially cool and should be checked out daily!


LE said...

Would you believe I already have those exact same instructions bookmarked? But you reminded me that I actually need to TRY them now!

Sarah said...

That doesn't look to difficult. I especially love that it is a cow. Mooooooooooo!!!!!

Kevin Kelley said...

Glad you liked the little not-scapbooking project from ReadyMade.