March 11, 2006

More settled at least for now.

Today is my last day at the golf course. In some ways, I am ELATED! I hate parts of this job. I will miss the people though. But not that much. I will miss how easy it is at times. There isn't a lot of thinking or skill required.

For a week or two I was going to quit photography, only because it's the harder (if photography can truly be called hard) of the two. Looking back, that was insane. I make 5 times as much shooting as I do at the course and spend less time doing it!

I think I'm just unsettled by a looming graduation and some weird political crap at church. I feel like everything is transitioning again. I may have mentioned it before, but in case I haven't, I love changes. Life changes, season changes, changes in general. Change is a good thing. However, I hate the TRANSITION from one thing to the next. I hate the limbo of waiting for the change.


The Big Cheese said...

I agree with the Golf course...It was such a great job. To bad it paid slightly better the Sonic.

Cas said...

I'm glad to see you didn't give up photography. I love looking at your pictures. :)