March 17, 2006


It is spring break!

I wanted to put a sign on my shirt with a count down of the hours until the end of the day. Each hour the number would change.
I haven't been this excited for spring break since jr high. It could be because I'm really ready for a break, then again, maybe the vibe at the grade school is infectious.


Lesley said...

I know! It helped that it was a beautiful day -- like, an actual spring day. We usually have rotten weather in March, but today was gorgeous! Plus, I was on campus today and there was this huge line of students lined up to board the bus and get the heck out of town. I have a lot of work to get done next week --- but I suddenly really wanted to take off, too! Have a great break! :)

Cas said...

But isn't it wrong in a way...all this beautiful weather UNTIL spring break...and it snows.

Our poor kids. LOL

But hope you enjoy your break.