January 01, 2010


It's weird. Always weird.

We watched Jennifer's Body this week.

I'm tired of every movie with Jennifer in the title being a horror movie. Doubt me? Go look at imdb.com All horror or mystery. Which is why I was working on the computer. Marc however, is a Megan Fox fan and likes vampire movies. (Note: This like does not extend to ANY of the Twilight movies.)

Then the dialog started. Why on earth was she saying things like I would say? It was strange. Marc laughed because the dialog was, as he phrased it, "The kind of horror movie you would write."

"It's the ultimate Jen movie." More laughing.

Okay, so MAYBE, I am the kind of person that would say "I'm feeling scrumptious."
Or "You can barely finish gym class" Or "You're lime green jello and you can't even admit it to yourself"

Maybe. Maybe I am. Maybe I shouldn't go back and read things I've written which only makes it weirder.

Swimming for them, not for me. My hair's too cute.

Now, what is so funny, in that the universe is fucking with me way...

I have a BA in bitch today.

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