December 14, 2009

What my children shouldn't probably be watching

The simpsons. Probably not. There is an episode where Bart has a girlfriend who is older and pregnant. They run away to Utah and attempt to get married.

We were reminded of this over dinner, at a busy restaurant, by a child with an extremely loud voice, who hadn't had his medicine in two days.

"Logan, here's a piece of advice, not that I really know since I haven't been in that situation, if you ever get a girl pregnant you can go to Utah and get married."

"That is not appropriate dinner conversation. Hush. Just hush."

Later in the car talking to all three of them,

"Now Decker there are just certain things you don't talk about at dinner. That is one of them. And none of you should even be concerned about that. There is no reason any of you should be having sex for quite a while. I waited until I was married."

"I was out of high school and over 18"

"We see no reason why ANY of you can't wait until then. After that, what happens is between you and God."

"Okay, okay." From the boys.

"Can we change the subject now? I like cats, does anyone else like cats?" From the girl.

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