September 21, 2008

Um, yeah. I'm old

I'm too old to sleep on the hard ground in just a sleeping bag. And why, oh why, with all the padding that I've added since I was 18, do my bony hips still dig into the ground? There is no comfortable position on the ground. None. And I hate peeing outside. At least I didn't pee in my shoes like Arina did. Nor did I wet my sleeping bag and have to wear my sister's underwear because I failed to pack any.

"Why are my underwear soaked? And why is the outside of my bag all wet?"
"Because you wet your sleeping bag."
"No, I didn't."
"Does it smell like pee?"
"You have two choices, go underwearless or wear your wet ones."
"He can wear mine, I packed an extra pair of panties."
"Three choices."
"I'll wear Arina's."

I have pictures he'll hate me for someday. Funny thing is he forgot he had them on.

Oh, and taking the child who is afraid of the dark camping. Yeah.

From the tent: "Um, I'm a little freaked out here." Didn't help that we had kept teasing them about coyotes getting them and the coyotes had started their yipping and howling.

But the kids loved it and had a blast. Me, I'll pack an air mattress.

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