September 08, 2008


This is the short version in list form of life since I've blogged:

Things that are funny:
Logan shocking people with his trick laser pointer.
Logan singing Guns and Roses in the backseat.
I'm old enough to be 35.

Things that make me misty:
Kids getting bigger.
Kids not being little.
Turning 35.
The ending of BIOSHOCK.
Wait, everything makes me misty.

Things that suck:
Not finding a new job yet.
People breaking.
Turning 35. What the hell am I going to do with the other half of my life?

Things that bring much undeserved joy to my life:
My family.
My sisters.
My children.
My friends.
My parents
And those really hot leopard mary janes I bought off eBay.


Anonymous said...

The other half of your life? Live to be at least 100 (you have the genetics)and look great doing it!

LE said...

Happy birthday!

Who ever figured we'd grow up and get old?