August 01, 2008

Cassie would(will) be so jealous

OMG! I had such a fun time at this wedding today! I have never had so much fun with poses and people even in the ultra hot muggy day. The wedding was at the groom's father's house which was really beautiful and modern inside and gorgeous outside. Then the reception was at the Ville in Andover.

One picture I'm posting is a combo of two, he didn't see her until the beginning of the wedding and I just had to pshop them tonight. The other was what the Ville looks like inside. More later.


Cassie said...

O M G.


(now i'm singing the kermit song...i feel greeeeeen......)

Jen said...

I just love the ville. If I wanted to spend a ton of money on a party, I would totally have it there. As for the other pic, I just love it! He has this great expression on his face, like he really is getting a "Show" even though she wasn't there. Gotta dig photoshop.

Cassie said...

wonder if they just let you take pictures there???

and have you ever been to oxford??? I'm wondering if the mills' would be worth checking out for senior pics.

Jen said...

That would be cool.

I haven't been to oxford, but it might be worth checking out.