August 03, 2008

Because Cassie Doesn't believe me

For you, the whole nine yards, gun, hat, jean jacket. I really need one of him in his duster with his boots for you. Pick yourself up and quick giggling.


Cassie said...

holy SHIT you were NOT kidding.

**dusting myself off from the ground**

and WHOSE giggling..........

yea yea ok, i am. but marc REALLY???? Where did we go wrong with you, oh birthday buddy.

and i would PAY to see him in chaps. LMFAO

now please tell me you don't walk "the dark side" now do you?

Jen said...

Hey, I dig cowboys, so no complaints here. And my hat is black and I look durn cute.

Cassie said...

So does this mean I get to call you guyys "my hick friends"????

ok ok i'm done. you all just totally dropped that on me....came outta left field.