November 10, 2007

What is lost is found

Please note, this was weeks ago, it's too weird and funny not to share.

We have sump pump in the basement. This is a normal thing. It has an opening in the cover so that the water from the air conditioner can flow into it. Other things fall in also so Marc was cleaning out the lost socks and bits of trash. It was pretty icky. It got icky-er.

Logan had a hamster that was adept at escaping from her cage. The last time we saw her she had escaped and was no where to be found. This was about two weeks after we moved into this house. There would be occasionally discussions about the hamster partying in the ceiling and running through the walls.

No hamster party.

No hamster running though walls.

Marc fished out socks and bits of trash and then pulled up this gooey grey ball of ook. I left.

Hamster found.

Poor thing drowned in the sump pump. Marc put her out in the trash. Logan was upset and they had a long discussion about hamster heaven and the relief of really knowing where she was and what happened. Marc had to retrieve he from the trash and have an evening hamster funeral. Logan wrote on her headstone and put it over her spot.

After his bath he redressed himself and went back outside with a flashlight.

"I've go to go outside, do you have a flashlight?"

"Dad does, I'm sure he'll let you use it."

"Going outside to pray?"



Love that kid.

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