October 31, 2007

The remix

So. I've been gone. Now, I'm back.

What's happened?


Class reunion was okay. Didn't get to stay near long enough though. Someone, you know who you are sir, totally avoided talking to me. What the hell?! I wish we wouldn't have had to go to Marc's too.

Had a fantastic time with Lesley, Hannah, Catie, Garrett, LeAnn and Elly. Not long enough for that either!

Went to Marc's reunion. Could have skipped that. Missed out on seeing people he hadn't seen in awhile. Ended up calling Skip later that weekend and they got caught up.

Went back to Marion on Sunday after Old Settler's and saw Lesley. Had a fabulous awesome time. We hung out, cruised the antique store, got Garrett to come out and play and watched the sun set at the lake.

Lesley said she missed having crazy stories. This made me think, you do have stories, they are just different. Good grief woman, you've been to Europe! I'd trade that for any of mine.

School is okay. I've worked myself out of work again. I make projects for myself and then get them done in a quick amount of time then I have nothing to do again. The sub thing is okay, and it's all organized.

Decker is getting tested to see how autistic he really is. It's mild, but more disrupting at school than it has been. We should hear from the school sometime in the next few weeks to see what they can do for him.

Arina's arm is okay and she really isn't babying it too much.

Football is OVER! Thank goodness. Logan HATED it. Decker did okay. His coach said that he improved the most. Arina liked cheering. We hated the driving. I hated watching the kids (not mine) get hurt or go down on the field.

We're still working on our video game.

Right now, I can't think of anything else.

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