February 23, 2007

Insane in the membrane, insane in the brain


My brain has a hernia.

It's too big for my skull.

It's trying to get out through my spine.

It's HUGE!

I did end up having a reason to be nervous about my MRI. I don't have an aneurysm. I don't have a tumor. (In my head this is said in an Arnold voice.) But once again, I do have something weird.

I have been diagnosed with a chiari 1 malformation of the cerebellar tonsil. Which means the lowest part of my brain presses down into the spinal column. Or another way to describe this is that I have brain hernia.

It is a congenital disorder that doesn't show up in most people until they are in their early 30's. Next step is that I visit a neurologist to check out how well my spinal fluid flows. If the flow of fluid isn't affected by the malformation, then my doctor and I will watch my symptoms and treat any of them with my current migraine treatment. However, if the malformation does affect the flow, then I will require some surgery. I'm just thankful right now that it isn't something that's going to make my brain explode.

So now, every time my head hurts, it grosses me out a little to think that it's because my brain has pushed itself down my spinal canal. There is something so gross about that. I touch the base of head and just can't help but think I'm almost touching my brain. And I'm overly conscious of my head hurting now too.

But it explains a lot of things, the word mix up (when I repeatedly think the right word and say the wrong one), the headaches, weird hearing loss after sex. Marc's sister thought this was hilarious. "Ha! You orgasm and lose your hearing! That is so funny." I thought everyone did.

I can't complain. God put me together this way and gave me super parents. Obviously they were so smart together, my brain was just too big for my skull! And no matter what, I can deal with it.


Sarah said...

I think headaches that feel as though your head will splint into is enough to do more than just watch. Do you know how they check your spinal fluid? BTW TMI about your O!

Lesley said...

Wow, I know you will be fine, but I am scared. That is freaky! I hope all will be okay.

Oh, and Sarah? you never have to worry about me. On the day I blog about an orgasm the earth will stand still for a moment and then probably explode or something....

Jen said...

Good grief. It's not like I wrote about every specific orgasm, I just wrote about orgasms in general.

Mom took it better when I told her about it. Her response, "Girls on top, Jen. Then you can see the TV better. Girls on top."

Sarah said...

I'm sorry but some things I just don't need to know or even want to know. Especially if it is anything that you do without clothes!!!!

Lesley, LMFAO!!!!

Suzanne said...

Always look on the bright side of life...It could be worse. You could have an inoperable tumor. At least this is something they can fix that has a very low chance of going wrong. And you can't touch your brain, even if it does go into the spinal canal, because the vertebrae protect it. And you all need to quit being prudes when it comes to discussing bodily functions. It's not like she posted porn or details or pictures, it's just an orgasm, which should be as blasé as blowing your nose. AND IF you are picturing everything in your head, maybe you need to do something about your own love life or find another outlet for your creative imagination.

Hannah said...

wow, wierd and scary. And painful. I've never had a migraine, but they sound terrible.

As far as comparing an orgasm and blowing your nose...I can't quite get my head around that comparison. So maybe I'll just leave it and get back to work...where I should be anyway. Hmmmm.

Sarah said...

You can't compare blowing your nose to that. I can blow my nose in public having an orgasm in public is not appropriate. If you think having an orgasm is like blowing your nose you either get alot out of blowing your nose or need to reevaluate.

Hannah said...

In fact, if you DONT blow your nose in public, probably you are being inappropriate, since most people would think you were disgusting if you allowed snot to drip down your face.

Jen said...

And obviously Suzanne either REALLY likes blowing her nose or she hasn't had a brain breaking orgasm. (Hence the surgeon general's warning on marc). Either way, very weird.

True about the nose blowing. But a public orgasm would draw much more attention than a snotty nose.

LE said...

I like that a post about a brain hernia ends up being a debate about the appropriateness of public orgasms.

I'm glad at least you have an answer to what's been going on lately!

Cas said...

OMG I"m laughing so hard at all of you, I spit out my Dr P. And the surgeon general's warning on Marc OMG!!!! I grew UP with him, I remember him in kindergarden. "m dying here.

And personally, its not so much the public orgasm that's the problem, I think it would be the public sex that would more of the issue for most people. LOL

But serously, I hope that it works out where you wn't have to have surgery. Very scary stuff. Its making me thankful for my small brain.

Suzanne said...

Geez, again you guys are using your imaginations way too much, and I don't even want to know SARAH how you took it as a public orgasm. Talking about sex should be as blasé as even talking about blowing your nose. Really, I mean some poor women never even achieve orgasm, have problems such as going deaf after orgasm, or other things such as spotting or bleeding during pregnancy and consider it normal, and never ever talk to your doctors or even friends about it because it is so stinking taboo to talk about the "down there". You should be able to have at least two or three people that you can honestly talk to about sex, just so you can see what is normal and what isn't. I'm not saying you ever have to go into detail on WHAT you actually do (or to whom), but being able to ask the question, "hey *this* happens, is this normal?" should be okay. I remember the first people I could actually talk to about little problems I had been having, and it was such a relief to know, yes, this was normal, and should be expected. It was the same way when I was pregnant. Being able to ask my doctor (and other people) about pregnancy & sex during pregnancy was a relief, because you don't want to be the cause of something going wrong. And I'm not commenting on my sex life or orgasms, they are going just fine, thank you. If I have a question, I'll be sure to ask.

Suzanne said...

It does kind of put a new spin on f****** your brains out, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

I go deaf after orgasm, too! I thought everyone did too! I hope my brain isn't slithering towards my spine, though.

And BTW, orgasming is JUST like blowing your nose -- in fact, my A&P instructor referred to the cervix as similar to the end of your nose, and the act of orgasm causes it to spew just like a sneeze. (just at less velocity.)