February 22, 2007

Brains, jobs

I love what I do at the new job. I'm the secretary at the hs. One of three and the one who gets the least glamorous jobs; scanning lunch cards, creating lunch reports, calling subs, covering the middle school. But I really like it. More than being a para. Right now though, I miss the people I worked with at the es. I really miss them. It was like working with an entire group of sisters. I miss them bunches. Almost more than I miss seeing the kids everyday at work. It's not the same.

The new job has WAY too many people old enough to be my parents. However, unlike MY parents, they have older attitudes, older ways. I'm a fluffy pair of marabou slippers in a penny loafer closet. But, I refuse to take it so seriously. No matter what.

I even miss the whining.

As for the brain, I got another migraine last sunday. A huge explosive migraine. A migraine that resulted in tears and some really funky hearing loss last week. This resulted in several things, a trip to the doctor, Marc saying he was "marc-alicious" a la fergie and would require a Surgeon General's warning tattooed on his hip (you can guess what we were doing when the headache erupted). The trip to the doctor got me my very own MRI. Marc just got a laugh.

I won't know what is wrong with me, if anything until tomorrow or friday. Since I'm home right now and not in some hospital bed recovering from surgery, it must not be that bad. This however doesn't meant that I'm not tired or weepy or just plain scared. I am. Alot. And right now, I just want to stay and bed in cry for days and days.


Lesley said...

I'm so sorry, that sounds awful! Have you had problems with migraines before? My mother always had them, but I some how have grown out of them. Sounds scary, so I'll be thinking of you and hoping all is ok!!

Sarah said...

What happened to your high tolerance for pain? I guess that is all shot to hell now don't you think? Who's the wussy pussy now? It sucks but I'm sure there is nothing wrong with your brain that hasn't been wrong with it since we were little ;)

Cas said...

I hope everything is ok. And now everytime I hear that Fergie song I'm gonna picture Marc singing it, thanks for that image. LOL

Never had a migrane, but Z's neurologist finally decided thats whats been going on with him and we pulled some more foods out of his diet. Hope your feeling better soon.