August 02, 2006

It's official

I'm neurotic. It's approaching one and all I can think about is my damn desk at work.

I had this dream, well, more of a nightmare really where my desk was the only one missing from my classroom. Everyone else's was still there.

I've had nightmares off and on all summer about work. It's mostly because I was unsure if they would still need me and also because we are getting two new teachers in the IRC class where I am a para. Both of them are great teachers, but occasionally I will get nervous about these things.

Funny thing is, the para in the other IRC class said she had a nightmare where all the desks were missing. Weird that we'd both freak out about the same things.

Damned if I didn't walk into my class today and my desk was missing. I freaked out. Really, not kidding. I'm still freaked out. However, it turns out it was only put in the wrong spot. Everything was put back odd after the carpets were cleaned. Desks in odd spots, wrong chairs. But here I am and I can't wait to go in and move it around. It's all I can think about. Damn dreams.


Cas said...

well at least you weren't naked in front of the student body or something. I've had a dream where I forogt to put my pants on before I went to work. LOL

Good luck ~ the school year will be here before we know it.

Jen said...

Oh, believe me I've had the naked one this summer too. It's just the desk thing came true.

Jen said...

And I did move the desk this morning. Now I can sleep tonight.