August 02, 2006


I got to find out early which teacher the kids have. Except for Logan, for some reason he's not in the school's system.

I'm happy with Decker's teacher. She's strict, but mellow and will be good for him. Arina got Decker's first grade teacher, Mrs. Keller. I was kind of hoping she'd get Logan's teacher, but Mrs. Keller is great with the kids too.

And I got my assignment and know who I'll be working with, but not my new pay rate. Maybe the dreams will end and I'll feel better.

Tomorrow will be fun, lots of shopping and Sarah's cutting and dying my hair. I just haven't decided how she's cutting it yet. I'm thinking shorter and choppy, but I'm not sure.

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Cas said...

We should find out tonight who the boys get tonight at enrollment. Well we know who Z is getting I guess.

and shopping is fun. Post a pic of the new hairdo. Thats always fun.