June 26, 2006


We've hit the mid summer doldrums. Even I'm bored. It's not like I don't have things to do. I do.
  • Move our home movies to DVD
  • Organize all my digital photos
  • Make slide shows of them
  • Plant my flowers (have to wait for the darn deck to be stained and the guy is taking FOREVER!)
  • See how tan I can get
  • Swim all day in the pool

But I just don't feel like it. Could be because I've done a large portion of my summer list these last few weeks. Clean and reorganize the house, back up our files, garage sale, file and other various activites that were put off because of school (mine not theirs). Now I've just hit the lazy part of summer when everything is dull. Not that I'm complaining. I have a job in the fall, I don't have to work too hard this summer, the house cleans up really quick and I'm lucky enough to get to be home with the kids.

But I'm bored. Dreaded words when I was little. Then it usually involved a rag and a bottle of wood soap. We'd resort to playing school. Now my poor children are going to get to play school and I have real worksheets. Poor babies. Writing journals, prewriting, brainstorm webs, dot to dots, follow the directions pages. I'm even going to be dragging them to the track with me. They will probably equate boredom with more terror than we did. It's fine when the kids are bored, but what about the mom? Then what happens? You'll have to ask them.

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Sarah said...

I'm so glad that you have joined my club bored. It is boring here too. It has been too hot for them to be outside for too long and it is just plain boring. They have been coloring and cutting and all that other stuff. It is just incredibily boring when I can't find anything to do that I'm not going to need Steve's help with or a ladder.