April 15, 2006

Presents and Good Friday.

In this case, the two have nothing to do with each other.

Friday, Logan was a complete stinker. He ended up getting in tons of trouble over stupid things. On the way home from Wichita, he said, "This Friday hasn't been good for me at all."

Decker pipes up and says, "It's been good for me!"

They make me laugh, silly kids.

On another note, I have finally decided what to get for Sarah for her birthday and completion of her testing! But since she reads the blog too, I can't share with everyone. Of course, if it's just killing you, check out www.nycpeach.com and you'll be able to figure it out. And no, I'm not buying it, I'm simply borrowing their idea. Can you honestly think of a better idea for her present?

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