October 09, 2005

Long weeks

This week was long. VERY long. As you all know I don' t overwhelm easily. Not to say that I never do, but I can take on a lot of projects or have a huge to do list before I freak out. I'm always the one saying "bring it on, what else ya got?!"

Not this week. I have NEVER felt so overwhelmed. Not even when Arina was born and I was still on crutches. Logan was just barely one and Decker was three. Tired, yes. Overwhelmed, no.

But this week, I was. I flipped out on Monday. Flunked my test, told my homework and housework to screw off. Anything that could go wrong, did.

That was Monday. Tuesday was a bit better. I took the day to relax a little. Let the birthday roll in. Birthdays are like New Year's day. Time to reassess, and start again. It was mellow. Lesley called. I got awesome presents. Ate spring rolls and went to bed with a messy house.

Wednesday I woke up feeling less like I was trapped in that room where the walls that have spikes are closing in on you and more like, well, me. And now it's better. I'm getting things cleared out of the way and things done. Even though I'm busy I don't feel like slamming my head into a wall anymore.

Now, what is so funny, in that the universe is fucking with me way, is my horoscope for the week starting on Monday. Read and laugh. I did.

Week of October 3, 2005: Big things are happening for you this week, or at least seeds are being planted which may sprout in a few weeks or months time. There is a Solar Eclipse in your sign on Monday which may bring about events that result in chaos at first. But don't let appearances disturb you, as they will soon change and become your chance for a fresh new start. This Eclipse has a powerful and exciting effect on your life and may bring things to pass that you had not expected at such an early date. Eclipses certainly have a quickening effect on us. Mercury sextiles Pluto on the same day, meaning that the opportunity to discuss things or to reflect deeply on what is happening will be of great benefit to you. When Mercury conjuncts Jupiter on Wednesday you will find it much easier to get a positive viewpoint of whatever is taking place. It is positive as it is taking you into new territory! When Venus moves into Sagittarius on Wednesday, you will feel more inclined to think bigger thoughts and to allow your mind to venture into new ground. Mercury will move into Scorpio on Saturday which is going to help you be more discerning with your finances.

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Cas said...

hey, I try to catch up here every once in a while, and you haven't been on for awhile. I hope everything is going well for you and your family.