June 02, 2005

On channeling my mother.

Sometimes it drives me crazy when I do things like my mother. No offense mom. Then other times it's comforting.

Lesley laughed last summer at my "movie star" aviator sunglasses. You know, the kind that wereso "in" for the Hollywood types. Large, rimless, with odd colors like purple or blue. I had my own pair, a treasure found in a local store. They were an expected surprise and I LOVED them. The reason Lesley laughed is because they reminded her of my mom and her aviator glasses she wore when we were younger. I laughed too when I realized this. I told my mom about this on Tuesday as I was fixing my new sunglasses. Which are rectangular, rimless and pink. She pulled out her new sunglasses. While not pink, they are shaped exactly the same way as mine. Funny how you share the same tastes. Lesley can relate. She channels her mother too.

I also found out my mother is more musically eclectic than I had previously thought when I was borrowing some of her CD's that I didn't have. Like ABBA (which I don't like after all), ELO, some classical piano and guitar, Smash Mouth, NSync, Queen, Backstreet Boys and Joan Jett (that's for Logan). It just tickles me that my mother, at 50 loves MTV. Especially some new stuff like Brightside by the Killers, the Donnas, Big and Rich, Terri Allen, and the list goes on. She even hunted down some new Scottish pop group's album that isn't available in the US. I went through my CD's and found a ton of music she wanted that she didn't have, Big & Rich, Pink, No Doubt, OutKast, Gwen Stefani, Bowling for Soup. It's no wonder that I like almost every sort of music I come across. Not too many people can say their musical taste runs from Pantera to Usher to Johnny Cash to Gershwin. I come by it honestly.

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Lesley said...

Ok, so I used to laugh at my mom when I was young when she would ALWAYS ask "Is my purse in the back seat?" after we came out of the grocery store. And I always thought it was odd that she never turned down a restroom. Well, guess what...... :)