May 18, 2005

Storm Continued

p>I've been wondering what part of me has been missing. After reading everyting, everyone has written....I think I know. Blog entries, group entries, scattered emails. We haven't been whole for a long time. College began and the glue was undone. Is missing each other that chip that keeps us from being complete? Today I thought so. I drove home away from the storm, but felt compelled to take photographs for those in Ecuador, Alabama, Illinois, Emporia, Derby.
The air smelled like steamy summers, filled with laughter and I was 18 again and we were together for an instant. The wind shifted and it was gone. Hannah had an expression for all of us then and I'm at a loss to remember it, but I felt it tonight. And I wonder if that's what's missing.


Ching said...

Hey, did you get my message? Next Saturday is a no go.

BTW, are you experimenting with another blog? I saw a link to As Close as Possible on your profile page.

I'm working on a parody camgirl web site.. It's currently a work in progress, though.

LE said...

I've been doing so much reminiscing about the past this year. I suppose it's because I'm not terribly happy with my present. But still. There are so many wonderful memories.

Lesley said...

Many wonderful memories, indeed. We should all hold a reunion of sorts....I think it's time!