May 18, 2010

I know how this happens now.


I wondered the other day how this happens. I know how now. You don't pay attention when you stick your feet under your desk where your shoes are. Then you get the kids out the door and in the car talking the whole time. Then you sit in the middle of a funeral Rosary, look down during the prayers and realize that this happened.

Then you spend the next 15 minutes trying not to lose it at your own stupidity. (Which to my credit, these are both ballet flats.) Silently laughing behind your hair with tears streaming down your face.

The boy sums it up exactly when saying what others would say about my Pippi Longstocking style choice, "Oh, well, it's Jen."


Suzanne said...

Why does it look like a munchkin is wearing your jeans & shoes? At a funeral? Jeans at a funeral? Hope you were the photographer.

It's like the weirdest picture. Which made it hilarious!!

Jen said...

It was a rosary and I wasn't the only person in jeans. If it was the actual funeral mass I would have been wearing suitable attire. And yes, it looks weird because my jeans are too long.

Sarah said...

I did that once. In my defense. I was sick as a dog and had to go to work. Plus my shoes were the same style one pair black and the other brown. I had been at work an hour before I realized it. That did get me sent home because that's how they knew I was really sick.