February 19, 2010

The piercing, you are forwarned.

I have never had a tattoo. Wanted one. Feared that one would lead to many and I'd end up covered in ink. I've never been able to decide on any one design, so no tattoo.

I have however pierced ears, my nose and my nether regions. The first set of earrings was when I was five. I added another set later on sometime in college. This second set turned into just one additional earring as the right one completely closed up.

I pierced my nose one evening while at college.I was extremely bored. EXTREMELY BORED. I am a person who should never be left to their own devices. I look for things to do. That didn't last long as it freaked my mother out. It did however, inspire my husband's ex-wife to get her nose pierced. Please note, at this time my husband and I were friends. He did not appreciate the fact that my actions contributed to her adding a nose ring to her head tattoo and ear piercings.

When I turned 29, my friend Jen and I got piercings. She pierced her navel. I pierced my "lady bits." (Sorry Grandma. Sorry Dad.)

We went to the tattoo parlor where a tattooed Santa gave us our piercings. And no, it really didn't hurt. Piercing my ear hurt more. As we were leaving he was giving us instructions on caring for our new metal attachments.

"You want to keep it clean and be gentle for the next few weeks. Don't do anything rough."

"So that means I can't go home and hook a chain to it tonight?"

It is possible to leave a tattoo artist speechless.

And to answer your other question you find to delicate to ask, but will wonder everytime you see me, no I do not still have it.

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