February 03, 2010

If you are my mother you should look away

As if MY escapades aren't enough to turn one grey. The B managed to defy death this past weekend.

It snowed enough to go sledding last weekend. We went out Friday to our normal hill and the kids had a good time even though it was cold and windy.

Saturday was another matter.

Same hill. Not as cold, just a little less snow. The man took the children out to sled without me as I was still working.

He brought them home with The B slightly freaked out.

What happened is they went sledding down the same hill. This time however, they tried out the other spot that isn't as high. Friday there were about 20 people sledding down the same spot. B slid down the hill and stood up freaked out. He had been sledding pretty fast and then just stopped. He got up and the entire front of his jacket was ripped, his coveralls underneath that were ripped open, his sled was slit down the middle and he now had an 8 inch scratch down the middle of his chest.

His sled had gone across a piece of sheet metal that had been put around a culvert. It didn't show at all in the snow. Thank God he was wearing so many layers. He really would have died without all the extra clothes as he would have been torn open all the way down his chest.

Marc came home and let our neighbors know. Unfortunately the kids next door managed to find the same spot and got torn up pretty bad. Their eldest and youngest escaped with minor scratches, but the middle one needed 14 stitches.

Their dad called the city and county to let them know it was there, but they hadn't put anything around it to warn people. Marc ended up going out later Sunday night and driving stakes around the culvert so no one else got hurt.

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