January 24, 2010

Harry Potheads

All three children have become Harry Potheads. We've managed, until this point, to avoid the Harry Potter obsession. Lately, however, all revolves around Harry.

They have watched all of the movies repeatedly. The movies are I swear on constant rotation in the DVD player. At least once a night there will be either an entire movie or a portion played. The movies are also on mp3 players to be listened to as my mere human children drift off to sleep.

The air is filled with wizard curses, Voldemort's navel, Hagrids butt crack. And with expelliarmus and spectro protonads. (Yes, I know. It's protorunus. They however prefer the nutter protection spell.)

They watch the stupid Harry Potter puppet pals on YouTube and repeat the scripts word for word to each other amid yowls of laughter. I hate the stupid puppets. They are NOT amusing.

They play Harry Potter at recess and after school. My house is littered with an assortment of stick, paper and masking tape wands covered in brown magic marker.

They are slowly wearing the covers off of their paperback books with their constant reading and re-reading.

They have print outs of the characters photos in FRAMES, yes FRAMES I tell you, on their desks.

The girl has a standing after school "date" to play the video game with her friend.

Their conversations revolve around the whole Harry Potter world. "Well how come this and how come that?" "Why did Harry blah blah blah."

I thought I would escape from having Potheads. They weren't interested until just the last few months. Harry was just another movie. I guess it could be worse. It could be High School Musical.

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Suzanne said...


I think I'd rather have Hannah than Harry. There's only one movie, and one concert dvd, and new episodes don't come on that often.

The drawback is that Hannah is everywhere...on the regular lunchboxes, clothes, and even toothpaste and deodorant. Seriously?! Could you imagine scraping Harry on your pits? I can't. And there is only 4 years of Hannah stuff to go through, not 7. Plus, it's all surface teen pop stuff...much less drama than everyone around you dying. And the daughter can even sing along.