August 12, 2009

Oh, hello there!

Oh poor neglected blog. You need a new template and design. You need to be updated. Badly. Even though I loves me some mermaid.

I have been facebooking it for the last few months and now, now I am feeling facebook burnt out. I don't write on it or update it as often because, well, it would be this: Went to work. Got annoyed. Came home, didn't eat carbs, scale hasn't moved. Instead, I've been playing stupid games and not writing.

So here I am. I've made weird stuffed animals. (Amazingly I don't sew weird stuffed animals any better than I sew regular things. Even more amazingly, it doesn't show so much on the weird stuffed animals. Except the bunny. The bunny was odd, poor thing.

We have put in a better fish pond and a new deck section. I know, like we NEEDED more deck. We didn't end up having to buy a new back door so instead, we made a new pond and completed a section of deck that had previously been badly paved.

I'm not sure how I feel about working summer. This summer has been kind of stinky because I have had so many release deadlines at work. This isn't typical so next summer should be better.

Arina is now 9 and just had her birthday yesterday.

The children are all tanned and bronzed from swimming. We all know who they take after now and it isn't the pale freckled person of German descent who shares my bed.

I have lost almost 15 pounds and am currently in a weight loss program. Hopefully, by the end of the year, I will be able to fit my vintage clothes that I wore in high school and college. Especially the jacket that Sarah hates. Which she thinks was the stars/stripes one. HA HA, it was the denim plaid lined one, with the beaded lace.

Quit laughing Mom, I realize my children have misshapen my body, but I'm in denial about that.

The children are witty in their own odd ways. Earlier this week, we had to all go to Wal-Mart. The children begged for pool noodles as we walked past all the pool toys. I told them there was no point as there was only a week left of swimming. After we got back to the car, Logan lamented, "Oh man, I really wish I could have gotten a noodle."
Arina pipes back, "You already have a noodle."
Laughter from every one else. Then one second passes, then another.
Logan "HEY, that wasn't very funny."

We a babysitter quit mid summer, as I wouldn't let the first one have her 22 year old boyfriend (she's 14) hang out at the house. OMG, I am so unfair. The second one was my first pick originally, but I couldn't use her during school as she was out for sports.

At work we reorganized our department. While I didn't change teams, I did change where my cubicle was located. Now I'm over with my team (and they are all awesome!) in a peaceful section of the office. Before I was next to several loudmouths who liked to call their bill collecters all day and argue with them, argue loudly with girlfriends, take personal calls I just don't need to hear and burp/fart/make other disgusting bodily noises with a blatant disregard for their surroundings.

I haven't gotten as much accomplished this summer on my book as I would have liked. I need to quit being a slacker.

Other than that, look for my life updates here for now.

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Cassie said...

*snort* noodle

and where di you PUT more deck???