July 14, 2009

New clothes

I love this buffet. For awhile though it has been living in a closet since we really didn't have anyplace to put it. It's been a buffet, extra cabinets and an entertainment center. Today, it is again a buffet. It's in it's third finish. The first was a plain wood stain, then Grandpa painted the sides and front trim navy, and now it is stained to match the tables upstairs and looks fresh and beautiful for a vintage piece of furniture. I've always loved the way it looks and it has very classic lines. I also love the fact that it lived with my great grandparents, my grandparents, my parents while we lived on Roosevelt and now with me. I know it's not a classic antique or anything super special to a collector, but I love it and only hope the kids will cherish it one day like I do.

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