May 06, 2009

Um, What?

Logan was kind enough to bring a flu virus home this weekend. No, not swine flu, no aches, no high fevers, just a 24 hour, low grade fever thing. Poor kids caught it from him quick though. Arina and Decker were home today and yesterday as was I. They were all kind enough to share their virus with me. Today I'm still sick, but not as bad. Nothing cures you like almost 24 solid hours of sleep. I think I managed to be up about 4 fours total yesterday. Marc worked from home, so he watched Arina and Decker, so for once, I got to be sick without having to worry about the kids, or dinner or anything else.

But my question is, it's May, why the heck are they getting sick NOW? I mean they made it through the winter without being sick, so why now?

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