December 09, 2008

Work music

After almost 2 months, I have finally found my perfect work music mix. If you look at my pandora stations, I have an odd mix of things. Aerosmith, Pussycat dolls, a station I borrowed from Lesley, Timbuk 3, Justin Lake/Timbaland, Trace Adkins, Gold Digger. These were okay, but still too distracting, even my classical station. NPR is okay for work, but sometimes I get too interested in what they are talking about and lose focus on what I'm working on. This week I picked up the new Kanye West CD, which is very different from his previous albums. I really like it though and it's been in my CD player since Saturday. I've listened to it all day. I built a new pandora station off of this and this station is my perfect work music. I don't know why I should be surprised that I work well to Tupac, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Pharrell, Nelly and Kanye West. When I used to paint or print photos in college my favorite work music was Megadeath, Pantera, Flotsam & Jetsom. I work better with a strong beat, my taste has just changed to stronger bass and less screaming. "Walk" by Pantera still makes me think of turpentine.

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