July 17, 2008

Flinthills hat

Flinthills hat
Originally uploaded by gwenhyfr
We cruise through the Flinthills to go to Iowa. It's the most scenic part of the entire drive up 35 and then across 80. I was reading when we were driving through and Marc commented that I missed a great shot. I got out my camera and shot out the window, then turned to see his hat on the dashboard. I loved how it reflected on the mirror and the colors. I think this is one I'll probably enlarge and frame.


Cassie said...

dude...wait....WHO the HELL wears a cowbow hat in your family???? b/c i'm SO not pictureing marc in one.

Jen said...

Oh yes, the man wears a hat. He is a latent cowboy.

Cassie said...

NO WAY!!!!!!!!!

musth ave picture of m in a hat. b/c .... just.... NO.

I'm so ashamed. you got OUT of conway, you are FREE from hickdom. has he learned NOTHING???