April 30, 2008

Good thing?

So more senior portraits. And I guess it's a good thing when you can't decide what do print for the freebie best 8x10 for the package. I had a blast with this girl and it was such a change to really see her instead of the front she puts up at school. She was so radiant and beautiful. So, once again, a bunch of photos for your enjoyment and critique.


Suzanne said...

I think with each shoot you just get better & better. Some of the newest look like album covers, and some of the others look more like magazine shots, which is really cool, especially for senior portraits. I honestly though my senior pictures might be more like a photo shoot, but most of the pics were pretty boring in comparison to yours. We all looked pretty, but they just didn't have the appeal. Keep going, you'll get enough freelance photo shoots to really build up a huge portfolio, and maybe do more with it than where you were! Aren't you almost done? Are you cheering? I sure am!!!

Cassie said...

These TOTALLY ROCK!!!! Awesome job Jen.