January 04, 2008

My mother

Wants to have a Harry Potter funeral.
Was mortified that I read in Elvish at my grandfather's funeral.
Makes me laugh.
Has turned out to be a better mother that she could have thought.
Loves me, no matter what.
Still can't figure out what our new holiday celebration will be.


Your Mother said...

No, I want our holiday to be Harry Potter's Birthday. My eulogy in Klingon would be cool, though!

And I wasn't mortified. Miffed that if you could speak Elvish I should have been able to add "Mack the Knife" to the songs that were played before the funeral! It was his favorite song.

Laughing is so much better than anything!

Oh gosh!!! What a wonderful thing to read. But I had good clay for moulding, I mean molding, to start with.

That is a given even when you dye your hair blond. (Please reread line 3 of your tribute to me just in case.)

Harry Potter's birthday on July 31! I have looked on the internet and we can buy just about everything to have a huge SHINDIG!!! We can have broom races and a costume contest. I had better start planning my costume now! Gotta go!!!!!

Sarah said...

I am not a dresser upper. And I am certainly not wearing harry potter glasses!

Your Mother said...

If we were going to celebrate the birthday of ELVIS you would be there in your white jumsuit and cape!

Sarah said...

Elvis wore sunglasses and Elvis is a real person and not a fictional character in a series of books. We could always celebrate his birthday if we are quick we can start this year. It is January 8th. For the record I would wear the sunglasses and not the jumpsuit.

Suzanne said...

bortaS bIr jablu'DI' reH QaQqu' nay'

and I can definitely do Elvis's birthday...only three days away!!

Suzanne said...

Oh, and some additional proverbs for your entertainment:

Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam; tugh qoH 'ej nachDaj chevlu'ta';
and my favorite:
qaStaHvIS wa' ram loS SaD Hugh SIjlaH qetbogh loD

Catherine said...

I've got a green jumpsuit (flightsuit) for Elvis day, but only skinny Elvis looks good in a jumpsuit.
But if we miss his birthday, we can celebrate a whole myriad of Elvis holidays!
The day he first had a hit single, the day graceland opened, his and Priscilla's anniversary, the day he joined the army, the day he was discharged, the day he went on the Ed Sullivan show, the possibilities are endless!
And did you know Elvis had a stillborn twin? So by all means, we know he's perfect, he was a twin!