July 14, 2007


Being a feminist is so complicated. And I struggle with wheather I am or not.

I have a college degree in a field(information technology) that is still largely male dominated.

I don't think a woman should be stopped from doing a job that she feels she can physically and mental do.

Everyone has the right to fair treatment. No one should be treated specially because of their sex, race, or status.

All partners should share in child raising and house maintenance with the chores/jobs assigned by who likes or does them best not gender.


I like the fact that Mar is the main breadwinner and I'm taking care of the monkeys most of the time. One of us has almost always been home so that the kids had almost no day care. Marc worked days and I worked nights partime, until Arina started school all day. Weekends we shared the housework. If I wasn't home he made dinner for everyone. It works.

Being a mom is my most important job. This far outweighs any lofty career goal I may have had when I was younger. The day Decker was conceived I gave up the choice to have a full time career centered around my selfish wants. Until they leave the house, it is my responsiblity to make sure that they turn into decent, kind people. That's the way I look at it. I'm not raising kids, I'm raising people. Changes how you look at them. Makes you think about the small things and how they will affect the long term.

Abortion because you couldn't keep your fucking legs closed and not sleep with that guy is wrong. Abortion because your husband doesn't want another kid is wrong. Abortion because you don't want a kid is wrong. Abortion because your career is more important is wrong. Keep your damn legs closed. Invest in some toys. And if you are going to protest, you damn well better support or be part of a program that encourages and makes adoption easy for people who can't or don't want to keep their children.

Now, in fair turn around, if having a baby will kill you, or your baby has had the misfortune to be diaganosed with severe, extremely severe birth defects, that is your decision and I find no fault with either way you choose.

I will not vote for Hillary. Not because she's a woman, but because I don't like her politics. I may even go so far as to turn democrat to vote against her.

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