April 02, 2007


It's getting closer to prom time at work. It's funny being on this side and seeing the kids get excited. It's a lot like ours was, catered dinner, dance in the gym, promanade.

C, the jr sponsor was passing out invitations to all the employees today. She handed me mine and I did the "I get to go to the prom squeal". Then we both had a girlie moment where we both squealed about prom and then laughed like crazy.

Later I emailed Marc and asked him if he wanted to go, half joking. He told me later he wasn't going to spend all that money on a tux, corsage, limo when he heard that I didn't put out.


Cas said...

hehe tell him that at least you guys can get a room...legally.

Lesley said...

Ha ha! Love it. Do you know that I tell people that we had the promenade and banquet -- because, duh, where else were we going to eat out in Marion?? -- and they think it's so funny!! Their eyes about pop out of their heads. I say, well, everyone knew everyone and wanted pictures of everyone!

Talk about weird. Topher and I went to Marion's prom when I was teaching there. Believe it or not, we had a great time hanging out with the cool music teacher then and his wife. Actually had more fun than in h.s! So you should go and just have fun with the kiddos!

LE said...

Aw, I loved both proms I went to. Didn't expect to, but I did.